Discover the controllers of Syel Europe. Controllers with a remarkable performance, a long service life and a good price/performance ratio. A gain for machine builders, system integrators and industrial end-users.


  • You want to have your “own” controllers which you want to customize in your machine, device or process. With its own development, it’s a major investment. In addition, you are often depending on certain knowledge, which you do not need through the whole year, but only during the development and perhaps later during the service. Therefore you should make use of the expertise of Syel, where you can build your own controller within a few months! You can use Syel as your external electronics department. Another advantage is that your application software is secure. In that way your competitors will not get insight into your technology! At regular controls, this cannot be excluded.

  • Syel has a complete range of reliable controllers for a variety of applications. This series is equipped with I/O, communication and screen in one enclosure.

  • The Industrial Control series consists of a stand-alone operating solution par excellence.

  • These are very compact and advantageous remote I/O solutions.

  • The converters are suitable for all Syel controllers.

  • HMI

    These panels are striking control panels in various sizes.

  • For the various controllers, there are spare parts separately available for replacement or repair.